April prizes

April league just ended and we got +55% actives players this month ! Again, inactivity was there… especially in Delta, where it has been quite a challenge to find games, and surprisingly in Alpha too ! We waited the very last hour of the month to see 2 more active players, close call ! On … Read more

ASR projects : give us a hand

Hey guys, ASR is a great go community, and we have lots of ideas to make it even better ! However, we lack manpower. We are already very busy doing day-to-day league admins stuff ( adding people, planing events, improving the software…) that we can’t do all the things we are thinking about. So we … Read more

Li Ang 3p lecture

The Go world have been quite shaken this year… You know what I am talking about… Alphago beating Lee Sedol… Well… we heard some rumors that Dosaku, Huang Long shi, Go Seigen and Sakata Eio senseis might be back in Alphago’s mind. Li Ang 3p thinks the closest is Go Seigen’s go theory, as he … Read more